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The kitchen is one of the favorite places of every house for many people. This is why choosing the right design and kitchen cabinets are very important. Today we are going to discuss the most popular kitchen ideas and basic rules of choosing a dining table, as well as ways to rationally organize the room space. You will be able to create the kitchen design of your dreams that will be both beautiful and practical! We tried to collect only practical advice that you would never receive from a seller in a furniture shop.

Take your home design into consideration

While choosing the design of your kitchen, always remember about the style of other rooms. Only by doing this you will be able to preserve a harmonious atmosphere in your house. Use the ideas of your home decor and adapt it for your kitchen to make it look and feel coordinated with other rooms. It is pretty simple – even if you don’t have a unique style, just take the color scheme from your living room and transfer it into the kitchen. For instance, if your living room is kept in white hues, create a white kitchen that will look clean and sophisticated. Such a synchronization eases the visual transition between rooms and allows using the colors that you know you like.

Choose a suitable kitchen table

Buying an appropriate dining table that will become a part of your kitchen design sometimes is a really difficult task, especially for those people who are not really sure what they are looking for. The options are almost endless, and visiting a store without a proper preparation may lead to a purchase of a table based on the salesman’s judgment, not yours. Do not let that happen! Make the decision wisely and look up for the table that you would enjoy sitting at every day. Start from choosing its shape. Dining tables may have the following looks:

  • Classic rectangular form;
  • Round form;
  • The perfect square form.

Rectangular models are undoubtedly the most popular among their round and square counterparts. They are appreciated for the design, which is familiar to everyone, and high level of functionality. Consider them as an option that combines beauty and versatility, since it has the visual of clean and precise straight lines as well as serves all your needs very well. A rectangular table is great for both small family evenings and big holiday celebrations!

Round and oval models are the best options for those who aim to create a cozy small kitchen design. Most small dining spaces feature a nice circular dining table, which helps to make a more intimate atmosphere and brings a welcome change in a world full of straight lines.

Finally, square models are good for long and narrow kitchens, since they provide a sense of the right proportion. You can also combine such a table with a rug to create a feeling of a designated space. However, square dining tables are not very popular because they make serving annoying and are not very suitable for hosting large parties.

How to rationalize the kitchen space

A spacious wall cabinet with a sliding door seems like the most feasible way to make your kitchen more practical. Such a piece of furniture allows you to keep a drainer and shelves for dish storage hidden inside.
Buy baskets and drawers that can be equipped with a well-thought system of accessories for the convenient and compact kitchenware storage. Try to place them everywhere you can – even under a kitchen sink – to use every bit of space.

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