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Kitchen island as dining table

People all over the world would like to create the most modern, stylish and fashionable kitchen of all, because it is a special place in the house, where people gather for morning coffee and intimate evening conversations, they have a dinner there and spend family holidays. Even a small kitchen might look quite interesting, especially if you use modern ideas of designers for kitchen, which are popular in the united states.

Talented interior designers offer us a lot of different finishes and decors in order to create a comfortable and functional space. Professionals believe that it is important to create a calm, soft harmony, not losing sight of the idea of practicality.

The kitchen of your dreams: playing with color

All modern kitchen interiors are influenced by modern construction materials. Nowadays a game of forms, textures is in the center of attention. You can use different shades and details. Multi-functional furniture is in fashion today. Kitchens that are made in monochrome or by using similar shades are still relevant. For example, the beige color of walls, furniture, headset, bar rack and curtains will not only create a mood of appeasement, but it will also look very modern.

White kitchen is a symbol of elegance, it is in fashion at all times. You can choose the design in plain white color by ordering a white kitchen set, a table, choosing wallpapers, curtains and tiles of the same color. Especially good this kitchen will look in a private house, decorated in a traditional classical style, without unnecessary decorations.

Pay attention to colors such as light gray, soft pink or light purple. Harmoniously look also blue and light turquoise shades. To dilute the monotony, make an interesting focus on modern kitchen appliances. An important point: you need a common harmony and an ideal combination of decor and all elements of the interior: wallpaper, curtains, tiles and furniture. This is also true in the case of a small apartment.

A large-sized kitchen can tolerate bright, even screaming tones: today in a trend lilac, green, herbal and lemon colors. Such shades will create an image of a creative, searching nature and help create an unusual space that will positively influence the mood. The key qualities of this design are solar optimism, energy, festivity. In such a kitchen, it will always be pleasant to receive guests, talk about art and cinema.

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