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Oak kitchen and Marine

All women want to see their kitchens not only functional, practical and comfortable from the point of view of implementing work processes, but also cozy, beautiful, modern. Undoubtedly, the design of the kitchen interior depends on its size, but the ideas we offer for storing, cooking or consuming food can be used in kitchens of all sizes. The advantage is also that many of the accessories and design techniques can be implemented independently, without the involvement of specialists and serious financial expenses.

  • For large kitchens of a square shape we use practical ideas of zoning kitchen. We create cooking areas with the help of a bar rack, glass or plastic partitions, screens, flower partitions, we form an island in the center of the room. The result is a stylish, cozy kitchen. Practical ideas of designers always help to create a cozy room. Zoning helps not only to bring order to a vast space, but to make it more harmonious.
  • In a private house, the most diverse forms of cuisine and organization of the premises are possible, and it depends on your decision whether it makes sense to combine the kitchen and the dining room. Maybe you’d rather leave two independent rooms. In any case, a large kitchen requires a beautiful table of wood, a fashionable bar counter, a creative sofa. Small elements of decor in this case will be inappropriate.
  • Consider a variant of the kitchen with a balcony. You can combine these spaces by expanding the space. However, it is worth noting that the kitchen with balcony – it’s very convenient and functional, you can store many items and products, which helps to maintain the perfect order in the kitchen. You can also move some of the cabinets to the balcony, making room for a dining party or bar.

Lighting is another way to separate the kitchen area from the living room area. For example, in the cooking segment you will install spotlights, and in the recreation area and reception of guests – a chandelier.

Zoning can also be done by creating a floor or ceiling of different levels. The podium on which this or that zone will be located will be visually highlighted from the kitchen space. In addition, the floor can be made of tiles of different colors, which will also help create specific functional areas. For example, it is possible to form a recreation area with a sofa. The sofa in the kitchen can be corner, can have a classical shape. The main thing is its material: it must be leather or other water-repellent material.

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