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Sensual tones of brown in the kitchen

Being the owner of a small kitchen, do not give up and be discouraged. Constructive ideas of modern design make it possible to transform a small-sized space beyond recognition, turning it into a cozy corner where the hostess will be inspired by new culinary recipes, and family members will gladly taste them. The main thing is scrupulous to think over all the details of the upcoming changes, having studied preliminary numerous advice on the formation of the interior of a small kitchen and selecting the most rational ones.

  • For kitchen in a small apartment, it is important to choose functional furniture and determine the color. Your task is to use the existing area reasonably, including a window sill, to buy shelves, cabinets.
  • In a small apartment, it is possible a variant of a narrow and long kitchen, the design of which causes some difficulties. In this case, the window sill will play the role of a table, and the kitchen set placed along the walls should be compact and functional. In this case, the table should be small in size. You can completely transfer the dining table to the living room, thus freeing up the space of the kitchen for cooking. Place furniture in such a way that the doors of cabinets can be opened without complications. To visually increase the space, you can choose lockers with glass doors, use mirror surfaces. For the design of a narrow and long kitchen is especially important color. This is not the place for experiments, so the choice is unambiguous: you will need to paint the walls in light colors or use wallpaper beige, cream or other light colors. Fashion trends in the interior design include such features as asymmetry in decoration, the use of natural colors. Pay attention to the soft rounded shapes that bring tenderness to the design of the kitchen. For example, pay attention to furniture and streamlined accessories: it’s a simple way to change the interior for the better and claim creativity.

    A cozy kitchen in the style of Provence can be created with your own hands. The main thing here is the competent selection of color, furniture, ornaments. Kitchen in the style of Provence is difficult to imagine without a table of a square shape with a table top under the stone, cute wooden lockers or shelves, flowers and light curtains in a rustic style. Wooden cabinets can hide all kitchen utensils from the eyes and create order in the kitchen. The mood will also create a large suspended chandelier, and the marble sill will serve as a shelf for flowers. For this style handicrafts with their own hands, stylish vases, wall shelves in antique style and author’s furniture, as well as original spectacular lamps will do.

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